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Podcast Basics For USA MLM Business Bloggers

Podcast Basics For USA MLM Business Bloggers

Today’s USA direct selling article is for USA internet rookies who want to kick up their web marketing a notch by adding a podcast to their USA home business blog.

A podcast is a multimedia file that is downloaded for playback on a mobile device such as an iPod or laptop computer. It can be a digital recording of a radio program or, more often, a program produced solely for online distribution. A podcast can be a recording of a webcast: a live USA program that is ‘streamed’ or broadcast on the internet in real time. When this is the case, it is similar to a DVD recording of a live program that you store in the database of your playback device.

A related term is the acronym RSS which probably originally stood for Rich Site Summary feed but is sometimes used for Really Simple Syndication. You have probably seen the term RSS on websites. An RSS feed allows digital files to be downloaded in a standard format. Zurich podcast listeners often subscribe to favorite ongoing podcasts. When new podcasts are produced, they are automatically downloaded by RSS applications.

It is fairly simple hardware- and software-wise to product your own podcast for your USA online business
. Your laptop may already have recording capability. If not, you can buy any equipment you need in the Zurich area.

USA business owners operating on a shoestring will be happy to know that basic recording and editing software can be downloaded for free. If you want to get fancy, you can always buy more sophisticated software at Switzerland specialty computer stores. I recommend using a headset microphone so the mic is always in the right spot to get a clear and consistent recording.

Now the fun part: what will you podcast? The possibilities are endless for USA direct marketers. You can record Switzerland trade show presentations, interviews with founding distributors of your USA direct sales company, or create an entertaining pitch about your Zurich business opportunity. Let your expertise and enthusiasm shine.

Creating a podcast gives you a chance to connect with potential USA customers or downline members in a personal way.

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